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Author: Ann
Posted: 7:16 am Dec-31-2020

What a year this has been and aren't we all glad it's almost over? I know I am. Everything won't magically
get better when the clock strikes 12 on December 31st but perhaps we can have a little hope to see better
times on the horizon. We can also look forward to another year of having Ovipets to entertain us in the time
we spend at home.

Most of us have spent a lot of time at home this past year, myself included. I spent 8,5 months in quarantine,
so I've had plenty of time to explore all sorts of indoor entertainment and among other things, think about what
I want to do on Ovipets. I've used part of my “extra time” to gradually declutter and return some order to the
chaos that was my pet collection. I've also returned to having my sales area somewhat stocked up and slowly but
surely, started to complete some of the “unfinished business” still hanging around in my tabs. Alongside of that
I've been thinking through, preparing for and working towards making some drastic changes to what I do in and how
I play the game.

You see, after almost 9 years of playing Ovipets, I know that I occasionally enjoy making a pure line. I sometimes
make pure pets for fun and for others to have fun with. Nothing too fancy or complex. I'm not a fan of working on
the same thing for ages and I don't like making anything so costly that I'd feel the need to wall it up in rules
to protect it. To each their own but for me, it's not my thing. It's also not my thing to make pure lines all the
time. Respect to those that can, but I grow kind of wary of breeding a uniform looking cycle of eggs over and over
again. My patience just doesn't stretch that far.

I know that I really like making projects and that I'll gladly do so with most species. I enjoy the process of making
my projects but what I really do not enjoy is all the hassle that comes after that. Naming the project is the first
hurdle. I've made well over 200 projects and finding names for all of those was already quite a stretch. It often
takes me longer to name a project than to make it and none of it got any easier with time. I admire those that pop
out all sorts of creative names for their projects. Most of the time the only thing that my brain produces in that
area is a big, gaping black hole.

When finding a name is finally out of the way somehow, next comes the need for a banner. I have zero skills to make any
such thing myself, so I have to commission other players to make my banners for me. That's great and there are certainly
some very skilled designers on Ovipets, but every time I find one I like and want to stick with, they eventually end up
leaving the game. I know that's just something that happens in an online game, but after so many years, the ongoing hunt
for good designers has grown a little tiresome to me.

That pretty much sums up how I eventually ended up still making projects but never releasing them. Fully completed
projects just piled up in my tabs until eventually I found a banner designer willing to go through them in little
bundles. That worked well for a while and we dragged more than 50 projects out of hiding, but then that designer had
to step away from the game too and I simply gave up. I sold some of the remaining unreleased projects with rights and
all so that others could name and claim them. What was left after that, for the most part, still hides sadly in my tabs.

Then there are the rule free breeding pair project series I always make when a new species is released in the game. I love
doing that. It's by far my favourite thing to do on Ovipets. I get to have all the fun of making projects and none of the
hassle called name, banner or rules. So then, that got me thinking, if making rule free projects is what I like best, then
why isn't that what I do most?

Ever since that's exactly what I've been doing and have been preparing to do more. Alongside of making my recent rule free
Phanta project series, I have registered them and started organising all my existing rule free breeding pair projects
into the same registry. It has been a costly process that I'm earning and turning my way through but I'm glad to say that
it's almost completed. I have also created a separate new registry for “single only” projects, the kind that doesn't come
in breeding pairs. That will become a home for all the unreleased “regular” projects I still have in my tabs. They will
gradually be released as rule free projects and once that's done, I'm thinking of re-releasing some of my still unregistered
projects as rule free also. Last but not least I've completed and registered a series of 12 projects that's been hiding in
my tabs, just short of the finish line, for almost a year. At the time of writing this, I'm expecting my “Calendar Cuties”
series to be ready for release in a matter of days.

Clearly I have decided that from now on all the projects I make are going to be rule free. I'm quite happy to respect
whatever rules other players may have, but for my own creations I'm quite done bothering with any of that. Thankfully
rule free projects don't need a banner so that's one load of my mind, and I'm also doing away with the whole naming issue.
All my rule free projects are simply going to be called “Rule Free Project”. Anyone that wants them named differently can
just ask to buy the project as an egg.

To accommodate my change in “style” I have slowly made adjustments to my tabs where necessary and along with that came the
“R.F.P. Shop” tabs on my profile. I hope I've shortened up Rule Free Project in a way that's easy to understand. A full length
tab title wasn't going to fit and frankly, I couldn't think of anything else equally short and fitting. For a while I left
this new part of my profile in it's crude, unfinished format. I had to think about how I wanted to shape it, figure out a way
that would work for a large number of projects for a long time. I already have more than a few rule free projects, want to
keep playing Ovi and my collection will certainly grow. I don't want to set something up, only to have to change everything
around again 6 months from now.

Well, I think I have it figured out. Elsewhere in my tabs I've been preparing quietly and in the last few days the whole thing
has really started to come together as planned. The tabs have been expanded into greater detail, I've outfitted them with proper
presentation texts, most of my pairs are present, available and accounted for. Only the Ursa aren't ready to go in yet, being the
slow hatching species they are. From my perspective at least, it looks good and fairly uncomplicated. Right along with my decision
to go rule free, it feels good too.

With things going that well, I decided to keep going along the same path. I have now also rewritten and reinstated my Gen Trade
offer for unpaid players. Once upon a time I had this trade offer active on my Ovipets profile for years and I have fond memories
of how well it worked for everyone involved. I like that it at least offers an option to unpaid egg ninjas, since I'm not really
any good for pet trades otherwise.

Last but not least, while I was writing up my gen trade post for unpaid players, the thought crossed my mind that I also still had
a generated set trade-in offer for paid players around somewhere in the “small print” on my profile. I looked it up, revised it to
fit present time, and gave that an active place in the Ovifans offers forum as well. Simply because, why not? I'll include links to
both topics at the bottom of this blog post.

So here we are then, on the last day of what has been a horrible year for practically everyone. Life has changed drastically for
many. Personally I can't remember the last time I hugged a friend. Ovipets is only a game but over this last year it's been there
for me not only to pass the time but also to, just for a little while, escape reality. I hope that whatever your reality might be,
it has been an outlet like that for you as well. For this year I sign off, wishing that in the year to come everything will be
better for everyone.

Gen Trade Offer for Unpaid Players:

Starter Set Trade-In Offer

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