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Author: Ann
Posted: 6:31 am Dec-30-2020
Are you finished with your generated project starter set?

Then why not think about trading it in for  good value trade
instead of selling it for a hand full of credits.

I offer a trade-in value of 200c for used generated project starter sets (8 pairs)
of any species nice looking colour combinations.

The trade-in value gives you the choice to pick anything you want from
my sales tabs up to a value of 200c. That means that you can have your choice
of pets, pures, pure pairs, projects, rule free projects pairs and even other
starter sets when available. I do not pay out the trade-in value in credits.

* Everything offered in my sales tabs is available. There are no restrictions or exclusions.
If you want it and the trade-in value you have covers the cost, then it can be yours.

* Trade on the safe side. My promise to you is that I will not (accidentally) copy your projects
and that generated sets you trade in will not be used to sell egg sets.

* You're free to use all of your available trade-in value right away if that's what you want,
but you're also welcome to save some for later or to save up to get yourself something extra
special. If you choose to save up I will make a “bank pet” for you in my “The Bank” tab. This
makes it easy for both of us to keep track of how much pet trade value you have saved up.

* Only generated starter sets can be traded in and I'm never going to be super picky
but I do reserve the right to decline a trade if I don't like the colours.

Who am I?
Well, Ann Winkel of course. On Ovipets you can find me here: https://ovipets.com/#!/Ann.Winkel.
If you would like to trade or have questions that you would like to ask, please don't hesitate to get in touch.

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