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Author: Ann
Posted: 4:44 am Sep-11-2020

Once upon a time, in a game called Ovipets, there was a small group of players that always wanted their eggs turned quickly.
They never turned their own eggs so that others could turn them to find credits but sometimes that meant they had to wait a
long time before their eggs were ready to hatch. Some people offered to be their designated Egg Ninjas but the small group of
players declined. They wanted their hatcheries to be open for egg turning to all Egg Ninjas, not to just a few.

This small group of players appreciated those that checked their hatcheries for eggs to turn. They knew that turning eggs for
credits is hard work for often very little and that the boring click, click, click really isn't always fun. They came up with
an idea to put a little extra smile into the whole egg turning thing. Together they started The Ninja Egg Initiative.

What they did was something very easy. They started to put surprise gift eggs in their hatchery for Egg Ninjas to find. Only 1
egg each time, at random times several times a week, with a clear label and matching banner, put on open trade so that the Egg
Ninja that found it could send a trade request to claim it.

They made these little surprise gift eggs in all sorts, shapes and sizes. Pure, project, special mutation or just a pet to be with
pretty colours, it was all good and everything was possible. The small group of players enjoyed making the Egg Ninjas smile with
these little random gifts. The Egg Ninjas enjoyed it too. In between dealing with “Don't turn my eggs” banners, it made them feel
welcome, valued and seen.

The small group of players started calling their gift eggs “Ninja Eggs” and just like that, a small token of appreciation was born.
The Ninjas gladly stopped by to check on the eggs of the players involved and after a while, the small group of players always had
their eggs turned faster than ever before. Everyone was happy and they all had fun.

This is not an Ovi-myth, it's a true story. I know that because I've been playing Ovipets for a very long time and I am one of the
original small group of players that started this Ninja Egg initiative. In the beginning it really took off and started to spread out
across the player community but Ovipets is a game and in every online game community new people arrive all the time and inevitably, most
people eventually also leave. Along with those that have left over time, the Ninja Egg initiative gradually faded into Ovipets history.

Well, I've been on Ovi since 2013, I'm still on Ovi and even though I'm hardly the most talkative player in the game, I have no
intentions of fading into history at any time soon. I do plead guilty to having left the Ninja Eggs there for far too long already.
Thoughts of it have crossed my mind often, so here I am trying to dust it off and hoping it will pick back up. It's not a club, group
or anything you have to join to be part of. It's something that everyone who wants to can just do. Make an Egg Ninja smile today, or
rather, why not?

I know that I'm going to make a habit out of having Ninja Eggs in my hatchery again. It was always fun and I know that it will be fun
to do it again. True is though that I'm just little old me by myself and the Ninja Egg initiative is a lot more awesome when it's done
by many. I'm writing this in the honest hope that some of you wonderful Ovipets people will join me and that Ninja Eggs will once again
be a fun part of this game again.

Below you will find the banner that I have always put on my Ninja Eggs. As you can see it's very old and made by my not very capable
hands, but it works for it's purpose. Feel free to download it for your own use if you wish. Please DO NOT hotlink it, that will drive
up the bill I have to pay for the site and will likely force me to move or remove it on the server.

I am completely unskilled in any form of digital art (obviously) and if you think that this banner could be much improved upon, I agree.
Any and all alternatives are welcome. Feel free to post them here or to contact me on Ovipets if you prefer that I post for you, with
reference to you as the artist of course.