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Author: Ann
Posted: 4:25 am Jun-02-2020
Useful Bits and Bobs

On Ovipets there are many little snippets of useful info floating around in the game. Most are created by players
to be helpful to other players and that's of course a very good thing, but scattered all over Ovipets, these little
info-gems can be a little bit hard to find. Here in this forum topic, we hope to grow a collection of these handy
bits and bobs for your convenience.

Just click on any of the names below if you want to see more. :)

Ovipets BB code tags explained!

Links to making pretty text banners!

Project Tutorial by Technobyrd.

Pure Chart by Prince Jamie.

This topic will always we a work in progress. It would be wonderful if over time we could add many more little bits
of helpful info here. This is where you can help too. Do you have or know of a good info image that would fit well
into this topic? Please come and tell Ovifans! Info images added to this topic will give reference to and include the
profile link of their creator.

You can get in touch here on Ovifans by using the contact form here: Contact Us
or you can give me a shout on Ovipets here: Ann Winkel. :)

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Author: Ann
Posted: 4:28 am Jun-02-2020

This helpful image made by angelrandolph5 shows all the bb code tags currently in use on Ovipets.


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Author: Ann
Posted: 4:31 am Jun-02-2020
When making a post or hosting activities, it's always nice to have a pretty, catchy looking text.
The 2 sites linked in this post make it possible to easily make text banners like this:


and this:


You can make your own pretty text banners here:

>> glowtxt <<
>> pookatoo <<

Note: Please think twice about using the available animation effects.
There are people in this game with seizure disorders such as epilepsy. While the animated effects might
look pretty, please realize that using them in public can cause harm to other people in the game.
Author: Ann
Posted: 4:36 am Jun-02-2020
This tutorial was made by Technobyrd. It's this tutorial image that I used to teach myself how to make project pets.
This tutorial only shows how to make a project up to 7 mutations but the method can be extended all the way up to making
maximum mutation projects.


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Author: Ann
Posted: 4:54 am Jun-02-2020
This very handy pure chart was created by Prince Jamie. It shows all the official pure colours in the game as available on June 2nd, 2020.