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Author: Ann
Posted: 4:30 am Mar-09-2019

For those of us that have been playing Ovipets for some time, it wasn't a big surprise when upon Chinese New Year,
a little piggy came to the Ovi market. Every year Ovipets has released a new species into the game that is based on
the Chinese zodiac and it has grown to be an annual event that many players look forward to. This year we welcomed
the arrival of Porcus and by now, they've been part of the game for well over a month.

Just like almost everyone else in the game, I set out to research this new species in anticipation of all the pixel
pet fun that I was going to have with these creatures. I generated pets, faithfully researched levels and mutations,
bred and spliced eggs to my hearts content. I can honestly say that I most certainly have been and am having fun
breeding my little pigs along their way.

Compared to the previous new species release, the Taurus, playing with the new Porcus is almost a relief. Taurus turned
out to be tediously slow and horrendously expensive to work with, and it's with great joy that I discovered the Porcus
to be a much faster paced and friendlier priced species. They're not extremely fast to cool down and hatch, but their
timing is just right to hit that comfortable spot where you're neither feeling rushed nor always having to wait. To each
their own preference of course, but I rather like that "mid-range" zone.

The research, generate and splice costs of Porcus clearly rank them among the most affordable species to play with.
There is only 1 mutation that costs 20c/18c to splice, all the others cost less than that. That's a break from what
seemed to be a trend of new Ovipets releases creeping towards getting ever more expensive. I, for one, am happy to see
that. I just finished making 3 max mute 15v Taurus projects and I really can't recommend trying that unless you're
willing to sell your car and mortgage your house to complete them. Thankfully, the costs of playing with Porcus appear
to be easier to bear and deal with. :whistle:

The timing and affordability of Porcus are absolutely the biggest factors in the pleasant time I'm having with this species.
My rule free project series are  finished, and I'm working on 2 pure lines that are progressing well. It's entertaining to
play with Porcus and I guess that when it comes down to it, that's exactly what a game is meant to do. Still, if I'm truly
and totally honest, I have to admit that despite all of the above Porcus has also left me feeling a little bit disappointed.
Watching this species and it's mutations unfold has been somewhat of an underwhelming experience.

Where the artwork for Taurus was very sophisticated and detailed, the design of Porcus seems to be of a more basic nature.
I absolutely understand that there is only so much detail you can put into the pixel variant of a little chubby pig, and they
DO look cute, but I still can't help feeling that the design of the species and mutations lacks finesse.

At first I was hopeful that the mutations would make the difference in making this species "pop", but having seen the mutations
currently available on all levels, they've been unable to do that for me. The complete selection of mutations, for a species with
10 mutation slots, is fairly small. As a result of that, the amount of available mutations per slot is limited and limiting.

Individually, none of the mutations managed to surprise or particularly excite me. The mutations cover the minimal "standard
options" that are also present for most other species, but don't really offer much more than that. I kept my hopes up for quite
a while during my research, but I didn't find anything really new, unique or truly imaginative along the way. The wings that were
added on Valentine's Day offered a slight redeeming factor. In an already somewhat lacklustre selection of mutations, the absence
of wings stood out like a sore thumb. Maybe not to everyone, but at the very least to me. How could this species possibly be
"complete", if you can't make pigs fly? This species just had to have wings and I think the mutation is very cute, but I also
think that the wings look a tiny little bit like they were superglued onto the side of the pig.

Overall I think that Porcus are a nice species, a lovely addition to the game and very enjoyable to play with. I just also think
that Porcus could have been more than this, and that their potential to be a truly awesome species has been left untapped. Marbled
bodies, fur, different hair types, where is all the really fun stuff? I really hope that for this species more is still to come.

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