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Author: Ann
Posted: 12:14 am Jul-23-2017

Recently Photobucket cut all 3rd party linking from their free hosting service. Many of my Ovipets friends
saw their project banners and other images they use online just suddenly dissappear. I felt bad watching my
friends struggle to "rehome" their banners and images. Until I sat down to really think about it, I never
realised that so many of us rely on low quality, over-used and limited 3rd party image hosting services to
display our in-game images.

For me those issues were solved years ago. I can host, link and manage any image at any time, right here on
Ovifans, without limits or hassle. It's always been a pleasure to have it available to me, but I don't get it
for free. Using servers and bandwidth to host images does cost money, but it's worth that money to me to know
that my images are always safe and online.  

After talking it through with my partner, we have decided to expand Ovifans to include an optional image hosting
service for Ovifans members.

The Ovifans image hosting service is and will not be free. It can't be because it will cost real money to use and
as much as I think you are all nice people, I can't afford to pay that bill for everyone. :whistle:

What we can do is offer fast, easy, safe and reliable image hosting that is affordable and fairly priced.

You can find more information about the Ovifans Image Hosting Service by clicking the links below.

Ovifans Image Hosting Info

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