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Author: Ann    731 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 4:52 pm May-18-2015
There are many players on Ovipets that can't or don't want to make tattoos for their pets themselves.
Instead they use credits or pets to pay for the services of other players to make tattoos for them.
If you are an Ovipets player that makes tattoos for other people, then posting here is a great way to
offer your services to others.

Make sure to post:

- A link to your Ovipets profile
- The cost of your services and what types of payment you accept.

(credits, pures, projects)
- Between 1 and 3 example images of your work.

You can post your example images by using [img]link-to-image[/img]

Disclaimer Notice: Ovifans is not and can not be held responsible for the services offered
in this topic or the actions of those posting them. It is not up to Ovifans to check the
trustwortyness of posted offers, it is up to you to check the validity of an offer before you
hand over any pets or credits to the person who posted it.

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Author: Charien    2 posts    Class: user
Posted: 9:05 pm May-30-2015
Ovipets profile: https://ovipets.com/#!/Charien
Payment/Costs: For a project I charge 100c plus a project pair (of the project you want tattooed) so I can display it in my cooperation tab. This
included both male and female tattoo. For unpaids I might take other equally payment options worth the 100c (splice service/generating pets if lvl4
researched) but those options will only be up if I need starters/splice service for a new project.
Examples of my work:

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Author: TBTR    147 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 6:49 pm Jun-23-2015
Link: http://ovipets.com/#!/The.Back.Tracing.Rabbit
Prices: For a custom tattoo prices vary but a good base price is right around 75c-150c depending on detail.  For Projects it is no less than 100c but
can range to 300c plus and a final pair to showcase my work.  I am most comfortable with Catus and Lupus but will consider other species. I really have
to inspired or bribed to work on Equs from now on I just dislike the body lines.

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Author: dragontiger89    35 posts    Class: user
Posted: 3:26 am Nov-22-2015

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Author: dragontiger89    35 posts    Class: user
Posted: 3:30 am Nov-22-2015
My project tattoos will cost 50-75c
Personal depends on the preference and time needed and ones I have if you want a copy, locked
of course is listed in their presentations
Author: dragontiger89    35 posts    Class: user
Posted: 3:46 am Nov-22-2015
I also do this too, but will cost some more