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Author: Ann    768 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 3:32 am Aug-06-2020

Only breed within project. It's an option available in the Project Registry that you can choose as a rule for the project
or pure line you're registering. It's an optional method that players can use to protect the integrity of their project or
pure line. What it does, obviously, is limit a pet's ability to breed to only the few other pets in the same registry. Pets
under that rule won't be able to breed with any other pet on Ovipets. It's very effective and really does safeguard against
“misuse” of the project. It just also comes with the slight downside of being a pretty lousy deal for the buyer.

With the odd exception of the few players that really do buy pets just to look at the pretty pixels, most of us are actually
on Ovi to play and have fun with the pets we buy. A pair that can only breed within project can serve no purpose in that other
than producing offspring to sell, and the offspring won't sell unless the creator decides to sell something that breeds with it.
From that same perspective, a single pet is useless because it won't breed with anything, until and unless the project creator
decides otherwise.

The “only breed within project” option is most often used for pets that cost more than a few credits, but pricing isn't the
issue. The real question is what a pixel pet in a game is truly worth if you can't do anything with it? The highly restricted
offspring from a pair isn't going to be the best seller of the week and since the pets can't be bred otherwise, the buyer forks
out their credits for what exactly? Pretty pixels in a tab that require regular feeding if you don't have Ovi+, that exactly.

There's something else too. Another “risk” to buyers of pets that are restricted to their registry mates. What happens when the
creator of a restricted project stops playing the game? Perhaps for a prolonged absence or even permanently, when there will never
be mates for your pair's offspring and neither the pairs nor the offspring can do anything else? In plain English, you end up with
pets that are completely useless.

In recent times, while sorting my tabs, I've come across at least a dozen beautiful pairs that can't do anything but sit there
because the creator is no longer playing the game. There are no mates for offspring, I can't make mates for offspring, and the
pets can't breed with anything else. Those pairs were all quite expensive to buy but I'm not bothered by what they've cost me.
What really matters is that in every possible way, those pets are  worthless now. I really don't like the thought that pets I
bought can be rendered useless overnight, for no other reason than the absence of another person, at any time and completely out
of my control. Do you?

I dare to say that it's very unlikely that I'll ever spend another credit on pets with that rule again. I'll also never use it for
anything I make. I understand the value of rare creations, I also understand the very real need to somehow somewhat protect that
value, but at what point does it become taking things one step too far? Shouldn't buyers at the very least be able to enjoy their
purchase? Even after the creator leaves? Thinking over all these questions in my mind, I found that “only breed within project” is
a step too far for me.