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Author: Ann    731 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 5:57 am Oct-19-2018

Well, there we have it. The protection features that we've all been wishing and hoping for. Are we happy now? :whistle:

Reading comments with the initial responses from players shows, as always, that the new features are being received with
mixed sentiments. Some players think it's great while others think it's really not all that they dreamed it would be.
Of course that was to be expected. After all, there are as many opinions as there are people and when was the last time
human kind actually managed to agree on something? :whistle:

Quite frankly, no matter what features Ovipets would have released, the scenario where everyone is completely happy with
it, simply does not exist. The best you can do and hope for, is to come up with something that at least the majority of
players will find in some way positive and useful. I dare to say that with the release of these features, Ovipets has surely
managed to achieve that goal. Some of the new Project Pet Registry might not be what an individual player had in mind, it's
still versatile enough for many players to be able to get at least some use out of it.

I'm by no means a programmer, couldn't code a script to save my life, but let me tell you that I have no doubt whatsoever
that creating the Project Pet Registry has not been an easy task. I can't begin to even imagine how many hours of coding
will have gone into this and Ovipets most certainly deserves to be complimented for such efforts.

Equally so I think the Ovipets team should get a big thumbs up for how they are handling the release of these features.
They make time to talk to us, answer our questions, encourage players to give feedback and take that feedback to heart and
make changes where needed. How many other online games do you know where the staff team takes such an active interest in the
thoughts of the player community? It might just be me but I think that Ovi's staff team deserves a big chunk of respect for
actually making their players feel respected and heard.

Still, I have to admit, my initial reaction was one of disappointment. It didn't seem all I had hoped for and it certainly
wasn't what I had expected. Not wanting to base my thoughts solely on a fist impression, I set out to read the comments and
the answers from Ovipets to questions, learning from what other players had already figured out. Doing so was definitely
helpful and added a good amount of nuance to what had been my initial thoughts. I have come to see many positive and useful
aspects in these new features and I can see myself really using this.

Am I happy with it now? Well, sure enough, my initial feelings of disappointment quite quickly subsided to make room for a
good sense of curiosity. I think I might well come to love this thing, it's quite possible.

The positive thing I have discovered is that I can group my pure lines into a single registration. The benefit I see in such
a registration for my personal pure lines is the ability to stop pets from getting sent to the AC, getting cloned or put up
for public breeding at a ridiculously low price. That's literally all that matters to me. I don't want to limit the ability
of people to breed the pets, to add it to trades or auctions. I just want it to be a little less easy for people to treat my
work like trash. I believe the options I selected when making a group registration for my last couple of lines will do that,
without restricting a buyer from being able to fully enjoy the pets.

I didn't set a fixed price range for sales. I know that changes have been made to allow for updating the rules and price range
in order to make them less restrictive over time, which is a good thing, but I still decided not to use the pricing aspect of
these new features. I can see how it can greatly benefit those that make high value multi pure lines, but for my humble mid-
range priced lines, I prefer to hold on to the hope that buyers will respect my efforts.

I absolutely understand why it was set up so you can only make rules less restrictive. If you allow retroactive changes to be
made to the sales price range of a project and all it's offspring, sellers will be able to make changes to what players can do
with pets they bought at any time and without them even knowing about it, or for that matter approving to it. That can lead to
some tricky situations. Imagine for a moment that at some time, somewhere in the game, a project/pure breeder gets disgruntled
and decides to leave the game. While getting ready to go out the Ovi-door, they decide to go out with one last good laugh and
set the sales prices of whatever they have registered to an absurdly high amount. What then? If players could make upwards
changes to the price range of their registered pets, it means that at some point you could end up with pets that can't be sold
under 25.000 credits. Even if it may sound far fetched now, I can pretty much guarantee you that at some point, for whatever
reason, it is exactly what someone would do.

When it comes to my project pets, the matter suddenly gets a bit more complex. I have the choice of registering my projects as
a group, or individually. If I register my projects as a group, there will be an issue for many of the buyers of my projects.
I have a good number of regular buyers and If I were to register all my projects as a group, they would no longer be able to
mix 2 different projects I made without the mixed offspring also being subject to the same rules the projects were registered
with. On the other hand, if I register my projects individually, things are going to get very expensive very fast. I have
somewhere around 200 of them at least. That's going to be a very long drop down menu when trying to add pets to a registration. :whistle:

There were some issues and/or confusion in regards to starter sets, but personally I don't expect to have any problems with them.
I only make highly mutated projects and I only sell my generated starters and breeding sets up to 3v. By the time I have finished
my project, any of the sets I sell will have long dropped off from the visible pedigree. Starter sets being sold and traded shouldn't
be any problem at all.

At first I considered that all registry names having to be unique would cause an issue, but giving that some more thought I
concluded that it's likely far less of a problem that I thought it would be. It's very easily solved by using the registry
name [project name] by [user name]. It's highly unlikely anyone will have already used that, especially for players with a
name reservation.

The registration fee of 100c per registry and 10c per pet, I think is a bit hefty, but understandably so. Besides, if you're
able to spend a nice chunk of credits on making a project, surely the registration fee is something that can be overcome as
well. What would tick me off is if the registration fee would get lowered after a while. I've seen that happen with the auction
house, going from 50c to 30c to 20c, and while I wasn't opposed to the change, I did feel I got ripped off by using the feature
as soon as it was released in the game. In regards to the project pet registry, if I fork out a sizable amount of credits to
register my projects now, I would see it as rather a slap in the face if the fee got lowered a little later without any form of

What I already know is that the registry can certainly help to advertise pure lines and projects. I registered my last few pure
lines last night and I have already sold pairs since then, due to people seeing their registration. On the same note of seeing
the project pet registry, who thought it would be a good idea to create such a big new feature in the game, only to hide it away
under a miniscule link at the bottom of the page? If I didn't know it was there, I'd need a microscope to find it. I don't doubt
it will get moved around, but until then we'll just have to keep showing people the way to it. :whistle:

All in all, my journey of discovery into these new features has been very well worth it. Starting out with a mindset slightly
inclined towards the negative, I've come around a great deal towards actually really liking what I see. Of course how it all
works out in the longer term still remains to be seen, but I like to think that if we give these new features a chance, the
results are likely to be positive. I definitely look forward to the return of some peace in the whole "rules or no rules"  
issue, that's for sure.

When it comes to the Project Pet Registry, I can recommend not judging the whole book based only on the summary on the cover
(read: news post). Check it out, learn about it and who knows, you might come to find the effort well worth it. :)

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