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Author: Ann    743 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 3:41 am Sep-16-2018
My charity mutation projects are finished! :yay:

I always go a little overboard when I see pretty new mutations, so instead of just 1 or 2, I made 5 of them.
In my enthusiasm I tend to forget that splicing such pretty but pricy things, across 5 projects, gets seriously
expensive. I honestly hadn't even given that 2 seconds of thought until the first dent in my credit total started
to appear. :whistle:

That's at the same point where the projects are already too far along to reconsider, so what else is there to do
but to keep going. I'm happy I did, I like my new projects, but ouch, it came at a cost of nearly 20.000 credits.
I have no illusions that these projects are actually going to earn that back, but I was able to earn at least some
of the credits along the way by selling mixed breed charity mutation pets and pairs. To be fair, I'm totally not
unhappy that these projects didn't come cheap. The charitable thought behind each splice to me has been well worth
it. I just won't be having any Ovi shopping sprees for a while. :whistle:

Now that my projects are finished, I've commissioned a banner maker to provide the finishing banner touch. I am
absolute rubbish at doing any of that myself. Even a few weeks of professional training in certain well known software
types couldn't help me. Quite frankly, I'm the digital art equivalent of tone deaf. My idea of having banners made is
paying someone else to do it, and I really quite like it that way.

When the banners are ready, I'm obviously going to start preparing to release and sell my projects. Like most of my
projects, they will only be sold as singles and non-breeding pairs, accompanied by my standard project rules.
As always, those are merely the 3 most common items found in project rules. Don't sell look-alikes, don't set it up
for paid/free breeding, don't resell or send the project to the AC.  Beyond that, my projects are made to be enjoyed
and I quite strongly believe that who has them should be able to breed and/or sell their offspring as much as they
want. I know some people don't like it if you sell direct offspring of their project and that's their prerogative, but
personally I totally don't care about that.

My projects will end up for sale in my tabs for 125c each. I thought that to be a reasonable price considering the
splicing costs for the mutations and all 5 of the projects being 11v and 12v. I'm also quite hoping that I'll be able
to trade some of my projects for charity mutation projects that other players have made. When my projects are released,
they'll be individually announced on my feed and in my groups, just like I always do.

That being said, I didn't really sit down here today to waffle on about the pending release of my projects. After all,
the title of this post suggests that I've come here to write about an event involving a free gift for Ovifans members,
so by all means, let me get to the point. :whistle:

In previous blog posts I had already "hinted" at having a project event in mind for a charity mutation project.
My original intentions where for me to choose 1 of my 5 projects to become a free gift for Ovifans members, but when it
came down to picking the project to use, I just couldn't make a choice between them. That little dilemma was resolved when
in a moment of "clarity" I realised that I don't have to make a choice for all of you. This doesn't have to be a 1 pet
suits all situation. You are all perfectly capable of choosing for yourself which project you like the most! :whistle:

With that in mind, I am offering all Ovifans members the opportunity to claim 1 free charity mutation project. There are
5 options to choose from and all you have to do to get it, is comment your choice in the event forum topic. There will be
a link to that topic at the bottom of this post.

I do need to point out that this offer is exclusively available to Ovifans members. You will not be able to access the event
topic unless you are signed up for and logged into an Ovifans account. On the bright side of that, if you don't have an
account yet, you can just sign up to get one and join our little Ovifans community. Ovifans is completely free and without
strings attached, just like the projects. :)

Free project event topic: http://www.ovifans.com/?do=topic&page=1&id=379&Perma=Free+Project+Event!

Join Ovifans: http://www.ovifans.com

Ovifans the group: http://ovipets.com/#!/Ovifans

Ovifans on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/ovifans

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