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Author: Ann    743 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 6:02 pm Sep-02-2018

Here we go again! I take a short 2 day break from Ovi and when I come back, suddenly there is a new species, new available
bundles and Ovi's anniversary. All of a sudden those 2 days away from my profile feel like I've been gone a month.

I really had forgotten all about Ovipets' upcoming "birthday", so I'm sorry for the lack of Ovifans party hats and suitable
celebration. If it's any consolation, it's not just Ovi, I'm simply no good at remembering dates in general. Once I even
forgot about Christmas. Granted, those were busy times, but still, Christmas! How do you forget about that?

It almost feels like it was almost yesterday that we were still splicing charity mutations. Wait! That was yesterday!
Well, that explains why it all feels a bit hectic to me at the moment.

Don't get me wrong, I'm happy that Ovipets is still thriving after 7 years, I think the new Ericius is cute and I look forward
to making projects with them, but the timing is just so awfully close to the Bye Bye plastic event. I don't know about you, but
I had to dig into my credits really deep to make my water mutation projects, and those aren't even finished yet.

Oh, I get of course that it's a very clever sales strategy on Ovipets' part. There will be many players on Ovipets today that,
after spending their credits on charity mutations, will find themselves tempted to buy 1 or more credit packages. For clarity,
I'm not criticizing Ovi by saying that. It's true that as a player I would have preferred a few days of respite between events,
but I fully understand that behind the Ovipets game is a business. A business needs to be ran wisely to make profit and from a
business perspective, this was a smart move to make. It just feels a bit like a fast move to little old player me.

Now, lets talk hedgehogs! Yes, I know they're called Ericius, but it's a hedgehog, simple as that. It'll be a popular choice for
a new species. I've seen many people ask for something like it over the years and true enough, they're little faces do look
really cute. I find myself being curious what they're going to look like in all sorts of colours and I have no doubt that I won't
be alone in that. The generating frenzy is just beginning and in about a month from now, these little creatures will be everywhere.

Right now, there will be chatter in groups all over Ovipets about who is planning to make what. It's really the anticipation and
planning that's half the fun. Personally, I'm going to do what I always do. I'm going to make myself a nice series of rule free
projects and a few simple triple pure lines.

What I will not be doing, is running around Ovi to check my plans against those of other players. I'm all for being social in a
social game, but that for me is one slight step too far. It's a community, not a commune, and as long as I'm using my own credits
to play my own Ovi game, I'll make whatever it is that I feel like making. If someone else makes the same or similar as I am,
then so be it.

Frankly, when a new species is released and everyone starts generating, similarities in colour choices are both common and
completely normal. There are only so many combinations to choose from and bright colours are always the popular choice.
Fortunately there is plenty of room for pretty projects in the game and even if they have similar colours, the choice of mutes
often still makes the pets look different from each other.

Ovipets also released some special birthday bundles today, filled with quick hatches, multi splices and other convenient "goodies".
Personally I'm overjoyed at the idea of being able to buy things like multi splices, but the bundles now offered really just don't
tickle my fancy. Both of them for the most part contain options that I neither need nor want.

Quick hatches are really nice, but I'm an Ovi+ subscription player. With Ovi+ it only takes half of the time it normally takes
for an egg to be ready to hatch, which means that for most species it doesn't really take all that long. All it takes is a little
patience and breeding enough project egg sets for quick hatches to not really bring all that much of an advantage. I haven't even
used up the 20 we got from last year's advent calendar, so why would I want 100 more of them?

The 50 dna researches that are in the bigger bundle, why would I want to pay with real money for something that I can also do with
credits? I get that throwing 10c at dna research a few times can be a big thing if you don't have a lot of credits, but surely if
someone is willing to fork out £25 for the bigger bundle, they're likely to have bought credits before as well. On the other hand,
it would seem to me that a person without credits would be more inclined to buy credits over a bundle of in-game features.

The 50 sterilisations, does anybody actually use that option? If so, then I don't get why. I'm playing Ovipets, a game that centres
around breeding and genetics, and from that perspective I consider a sterilised pet to be absolutely worthless. If I wanted to
collect things I could only look at for a hobby, pixel pets wouldn't exactly be my first choice. I don't sterilise pets nor would I
ever buy a pet that has been sterilised, so again, that's an option in the bundle that I wouldn't want.

As for cloning, I've been playing Ovipets for well over 5 years. In that time I have made a clone twice and it's so long ago I
don't even remember what I cloned. I'm not fussed about the cloning achievement. I have no need to clone pets I already own and
for 500c per clone, I consider it a waste of credits. Now, if I'm not going to spend credits on it, then certainly I won't pay
with money instead. Thinking about it, I don't really see my friends doing a whole lot of cloning either. The only people that I
see using that option tend to be players in the process of ripping the value out of other people's work. Those are not my friends
and in my humble opinion, the cloning feature should simply be removed.

That then leaves the multi splice, which is the only option I really consider useful to me. I'd gladly buy a bundle of those
just for the ability to "correct" the gender on a project egg that also needs a mutation, but unfortunately the bundles contain
only 10 and 20 of them, which isn't worth the price of the bundle to me. I'd have loved to buy some separately, but that option
isn't available.  

Last but certainly not least, Ovi made an announcement about the pending release of new features that should enable us players to
add better protection to our projects and pure lines. I think that such features are highly needed and that if the right features
are implemented, many in the Ovipets community will breathe a sigh of relief, myself included.

I'm absolutely convinced that the Ovipets team will be putting many hours of hard work into the changes they plan to make, and also,
that it's usually a lot more complex to do than players tend to think. Respect to Ovifans for making the effort of trying to improve
our game environment.

While I'm eagerly anticipating the new features with good hope, I have to admit that as a pure line breeder, I'm not without
questions or concerns. After all, Ovi's first attempt to implement features intended to improve our ability to "protect our work",
resulted in the ability to lock the name, presentation and tattoo on a pet. Granted, for project breeding that feature made a
significant positive difference, but sadly, for pure line breeders it added absolutely nothing. Ovi's second attempt resulted in
the sterilisation feature, which in my opinion obviously belongs in the epic fail category.

I'm not saying Ovipets hasn't put in good effort or that they don't care. They're obviously hard working people that care about
providing a good product, but sometimes I feel almost like they don't really understand what it is that pure line breeders need.
I really hope that Ovi's recent efforts to hear what us players have to say, has served to help them gain a better understanding
and that the new features to be released will be all that we hope them to be.

All of that said, it's hedgehog breeding time! If anyone is looking for me, I'll be on Ovi making myself a hedgehog rainbow.

Have fun and enjoy Ovi!