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Author: Ann    743 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 2:30 am Aug-25-2018

Every time there are limited mutations available in the game, there always seems to be an unavoidable
flood of posts, comments and even personal messages going around from people asking for donations for
their project. Often these posts offer some kind of incentive or return once the project is finished,
and in some cases even promise that the project will be free.

Suddenly there are players that develop some kind of brilliant project idea, which they would preferably
like other people to pay for. Yes, I know that's a fairly crude choice of words, but that's what it boils
down to, doesn't it?

I'm sure you've guessed by now that I'm not exactly a fan of this practice. In fact, it annoys me to bits.
I find the whole thing inappropriate and even rather rude.

No matter how brilliant you think your idea might be, how freely you are going to give the project away
when finished, or whatever other Ovi-miracle you plan to perform with it, your project is NOT, I repeat
NOT, a charity or charitable cause. What you are doing is asking other people to spend their money
(credits cost real money) so that you can play your game.

Think about it, if you get the brilliant idea to buy a new big TV, would you ask friends, family or
neighbours to donate in order to pay for it? No? Well, how about if you'd let them all share the TV with
you, would you ask them to donate then? Still no? Then how is asking for donations for something that you
want to buy (gens, splices) in a game any different? It isn't, at least not in my opinion.

But your project will be free? Well, so what?! That's an excuse, a method of justifying that your asking
others to pay so that you can play. If you really want to be so nice to make a free project pet for other
players, then the kindness of your heart should come out of your own pocket. It's easy to be generous on
someone else's dime.

You don't have enough credits to make a free project out of your own pocket? Then don't! You can't make
what you can't afford. It's as simple as that. Alternatively, you can buy, earn and turn to save up the
credits for your project, just like the rest of us.

Now just in case you are wondering about this strongly opinionated person here, yes, I have made free
project pets for other players in the past and currently have a planned free project for Ovifans members
in progress. Never, not once, have I asked anybody to help me pay for anything. I'm not rich, buying credits
is an extremely infrequent option. I earn and turn for what I want to do, even if that is making a free project
pet for other players. I save up to get the credits I need and yes, that does mean "not spend". I know that
can be a little difficult. :whistle:

I neither give nor accept credit donations. After all, it wouldn't be right to accept from others what I am
not willing to give myself. Overall I usually just ignore the request posts I see on feeds and in groups.
I don't like them, but it's of course up to each player to decide for themselves if they want to ask for or
give donations.

Lately though, with the unexpected surprise of charity mutations entering the game, I've been getting a lot
of personal messages from players to ask if I will donate to their project. The answer is obviously no, but
it really irks me to be receiving such messages in the first place.

It really puts a person on the spot to receive a message directed straight at you, asking for credit support.
It's a personal message and to ignore it can make a person feel like they are being rude. In that way and
unlike a group post, it can make a person feel forced to reply. Further then, if someone can't or doesn't
want to donate, it puts them in the uncomfortable position of having to say no. For the more timid and less
confrontational personality players among us, this can even lead to situations where someone can feel compelled
to give credits, even if they really didn't want to. In my opinion, it's just taking the whole asking for
donations thing one step too far.

Personally I have no issue politely declining such a request, or even not so politely if it comes down
to that. Timid isn't exactly how I'd describe my personality. What I do have a problem with, is hiding
how annoyed I am from the person I am politely replying to.

I'm not kidding. I seriously try to stay friendly, to stick to the polite "sorry, but I don't donate", but 9
out of 10 times, it just can't stay at that and the sender feels the need to ask me why I don't want to donate.
Like I owe them some kind of explanation! Really, I don't, but for the sake of keeping a friendly game environment,
I'll briefly and nicely explain that it is my principle to not give or take credit donations. That's clear and
should surely be the end of it all, right? Well no, because a persistent few will then still come up with a "but",
usually followed by what they think could or should convince me.

By that time, I'm internally steaming and mentally ready to reply with the rude and explicit version of please
go away. For a few seconds I'll be seriously tempted to let my "inner jerk" flow freely out of my fingertips.
I don't do that though. I always have and try to politely excuse myself from the conversation. I would just rather
not be in the situation in the first place and I'm always left with a sense that despite being polite, my being
annoyed was shining through regardless.

I've been playing Ovipets for well over 5 years and donation request messages have long since become something
I've "learned to live with" in the game. It's just one of those things. For once though, I wanted to put words
to thoughts I've had for a very long time, to speak my mind. Today I have and my little Ovi blog seemed like the
perfect place to put it. I have enjoyed venting and I can only hope that you have enjoyed reading too. :)

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