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Author: Ann    743 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 2:35 am Aug-15-2018

It's an excellent surprise to see a charity mutation event on Ovipets again. I'm certainly not the only one
to think so, because the water mutations are in every way THE current thing to have, do and work with. True
enough, the art work is stunning and the theme is perfect for the intended cause.

What's also true is that these lovely and limited mutations are horrendously expensive to splice. I'm not
saying that there's anything wrong with that. I'm just stating the fact that with a price up to 49c, you
really have to pay up to put them on. For many of the project breeders among us, these mutations are going
to require some serious robbing of the Ovi piggy bank. :whistle:

Me, I think that these mutations are worth every credit of their price. For several reasons actually. First
of course because of the charitable nature of this event and it's wonderful cause. Did you know that the great
garbage patch, floating around in our beautiful ocean and mainly made of plastic, is bigger than the size of
France? If my splices can contribute to raising awareness somehow, I'll happily splice away.

Another reason is that, given Ovi's history with the snow leopard catus, these mutations are unlikely to return
after the event ends. They're very likely a 1 time thing. This is especially interesting for long term players,
knowing that new players will not be able to make a similar project and that unfortunately over time, some older
players and their projects do leave the game. This leaves the projects of the remaining long term players to
become an increasing rarity.

I was already playing Ovipets when the snow leopard event took place, I made 5 projects then and even now, several
years later, I still sell those projects on a regular bases. I also still sell mixed breed snow leopards for 5c
each fairly often. I just keep a tab full of breeders and update my stock every once in a while. In the short term,
dipping in to make those 5 leopard projects really hurt my credit counter. In the long term though, my projects
certainly have not come in at a loss. If history repeats and these mutations are kept limited to a singular event,
then in the long term it will be the same for water mutation projects as well.

They're also just really pretty. Far too pretty for me to be able to resist the urge to make projects, and since I
had a little bit of an issue choosing between my starter sets, I've once again ended up making 5 projects. I'm making
3 Catus and 2 Lupus projects. Credits are flying out of my account faster than the speed of light. I'm only just over
half way through splicing charity mutations and I've already spent well over 18.000 credits. This is going to hurt! :whistle:

I'm using the dna research option to limit the amount of spliced gender fails but since I haven't been very lucky with
the genders of my eggs, that pretty much means I've thrown a small fortune at dna researching eggs. I've been selling
the remaining spliced gender fails to cover the costs of at least a few splices. They have fortunately sold well but
nevertheless, my credit total is making a nose dive.

I just keep telling myself that as long as I'm having fun making my 5 projects, they're credits well spent. Beyond that,
I can only hope that Ovipets will be around for at least another 10 years because that's how long I will need to stick
around to earn and turn some of those credits back. :whistle: