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Author: Ann    731 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 2:05 am May-16-2015
Welcome to Ovifans! It's great to see you here. :)

Ovifans is site for everyone that loves to play Ovipets and for everything related to the game.
Here on Ovifans you will be able to find information on various aspects of playing the game but
you can also meet and talk to other players, show off your creations, offer your services to
other players or find services that you need from other players in the game.

Ovifans is 100% free to use!

If you are currently viewing Ovifans as a guest, then you are only seeing part of what Ovifans
has to offer. Sign up to be able to see all our available forums, gain the ability to make your
own posts and to be able to take part in our free games and contests. Sign up and log in with
Facebook by using the menu button on top of the site and selecting the Facebook option.

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