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Author: Ann    731 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 10:51 pm Jul-22-2017

No asking for free credits, splices or pets.

Doing so is considered begging. It's not appreciated by most players in the game and
it's also not okay to do here on Ovifans.

Be nice! No abusive behaviour.

Behind every account name is a human being. The Ovifans staff team will not tolerate
anyone mistreating or deliberately disrespecting you. Likewise will we not tolerate it
if you mistreat or deliberately disrespect other members here. This will always result
in your Ovifans account getting permanently disabled.

Ovifans is not a place to post pet sale offers.

There are a lot of places where you can post sales on Ovipets and there is no need
for them to also be posted here in the forums.

You are welcome to post your sales in the Ovifans group on Ovipets here:
>> Ovifans, The Group <<

Ovifans is not a place to post user alerts.

No matter how bad it is what someone has done to you in the game, this is not the place
to post about it. Here on Ovifans such a post would not fade into game history as quickly
as on Ovipets. At the same time it would be far more accessible to a lot more people since
Ovifans does not have the limitations of group and personal wall posts. Whatever is posted
here is visible to everyone that logs in. No matter what the situation may be, all of this
is still just a game and nobody deserves to be put on display like that.

Ovifans has no means of checking the validity of these type of posts nor is it up to us to
do so. All posts claiming that an Ovipets player has wronged you, in any way, will be removed.
Ovifans only offers general advice in player vs player problems.

The Ovipets ToS are upheld on Ovifans too.

If it is not allowed on Ovipets, then it is not allowed on Ovifans either.

We will not allow Ovifans to be used for any actions, behaviour or activities that are
in violation of Ovipets terms of service. If what you post here on Ovifans indicates to
us that your activities in regards to Ovipets are in violation of the Ovipets terms of
service, we will not hesitate to report you to the Ovipets support team.

No bad language, adult material or causing drama.

Younger Ovipets players also visit Ovifans and it is our point of view that they should be able
to do so without their parents having to worry what their child will run into. Inappropriate
language and adult content of any kind are not welcome here.

Different views and opinions are welcome here on Ovifans but we are not the place to bring
disputes that you may have with other players. Arguments and fights between members are neither
welcome nor tolerated here.

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