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Author: Ann    731 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 12:34 am Sep-21-2016

Things have been quiet for a while on Ovifans but be sure we did not forget about our lovely little Ovipets player community.
Tucked away in a little corner we have been working hard to get Ovifans ready for a new step forward.

Until now Ovifans never had more than a few people managing the forums and website. This has limited us in what we can do for
the Ovifans community. Ovifans was made to be more than an info site that offers an occasional raffle. Ovifans was made to be
a fun gathering place for Ovipets players from all over the world, where we can share our interests, show our creations and
take part in fun activities together.

To become that fun gathering place, Ovifans needs people that are genuinly interested in turning Ovifans into a place that is
buzzing with activity. What Ovifans needs is a dedicated staff team!

In the past couple of months we have put a lot of thought and work into creating a well organized set up for Ovifans in which
a motivated staff team can function in an enjoyable manner. We think we have set up now ready. All that Ovifans needs now is...
people willing and able to join the staff team!

Are you an Ovifans member and do you think that being part of the Ovifans Staff Team is something you would enjoy doing?

Then read this post: >> Join the Ovifans Staff Team! <<

Fill out the questionaire and send you application for a staff team position to us via the contact form here: >> Contact us <<

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