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Author: TBTR    147 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 5:02 am Dec-27-2015
I literally crocheted every gift we handed out for Christmas this year. I figured I would share my labors, with you all.  Some were made by
patterns off the net others were just from my head.  Either way sharing so everyone can see the spoils from Rabbit's Sweat Shop XD.

Raining purple
I used THIS pattern for the gloves.  I found 30 stitches was a better fit unless you
have tiny hands.
I used THIS pattern for the hat minus the totoro stuff (her
shop on etsy is adorbs).

Pink kitty
I again wing a basic beanie hat and add some flaps to it for the hat.  The gloves I used THIS

Minions a  Plenty
I modified the owl glove pattern and use that as a base for all my gloves.  The minion pieces were just doing it as I go.  The hat is a basic "beanie
hat" style.  I don't use patterns for them anymore I just wing it.  THIS

Snowflake Scarf

I literally just chained a ton of stitches and double crocheted a bunch a rows and tossed an edge on it.  The snowflakes were experiments.

Earth tones
The hat is the same as the purple one.  It makes a huge difference what yarn you use.  This one was prob red heart acrylic (hand me down no label
ball) While the purple one was a simply soft worsted weight.  If you want it soft and floppy the best choice is prob baby yarn.  I used a I hook for
the brown and it was still a stiff hat.
The scarf was 165 chain joined and double crochet around until tall enough to my liking.  basic infinity scarf no pattern used.

I will attempt to answer any questions you have but may not be able to.  I'm terrible at explaining crafts to people.  I will try though.

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