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Author: TBTR    147 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 1:15 am Dec-13-2015
I am a avid crocheter and have done many projects over my years so I thought I would share a one of my favorites.  It's an easy pattern that can be
made in a day, giving you that instant gratification that a lot of Crochet patterns lack.


The pattern can be found on Lionbrand yarn's website Here it's free but you need to
have an account to view it, also free.  The pattern is worked in rounds and is a easy level.  If you've made a simple hat you can make this.  I do
suggest using the "Magic Ring" starting method instead but which ever
method works for you.  For those of you who learn better by watching rather than pictures and text here is a video of the magic ring technique.

I'll be making cat sweaters soon I'll share them when I've finished.

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