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Author: Ann    731 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 4:23 am Dec-10-2015
Yes, we all love Ovipets, the awesome game that has brought most of us to also come together here on Ovifans.
By now a lovely community of Ovipets players is growing here, but all of us, we are more than just Ovipets
players alone. We are people with lives that also include other hobbies, experiences and interests alongside
of our beloved pixel pets. We love talking about all the fun aspects of our favorite game but here on Ovifans
that doesn't mean we have to limit ourselves to talking about Ovipets and pixel pets only. We can share and
talk about other things we do and consider good fun with equal pleasure.

This forum offers room to all of us here to to talk about other things we like to do, make, share and experience.
Anything from your favorite cookie recipe, a crafting project you enjoyed, your passion for a sport, to talking
about a book you read, it is all welcome here. Share what you make, enjoy and love with others here, so that they
might make, enjoy and love it too. :)

Please note that this forum is fully public and can be seen by anyone that visits Ovifans, even if
they are not a member.

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