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Author: Ann    731 posts    Class: Admin
Posted: 3:33 am Jul-05-2015
Pet Tattoos are very popular among Ovipets players and there was no question about it
that something enjoyed by so many in the game had to be part of Ovifans as well.
Setting up part of the forums to be dedicated to tattoos was easy but getting it ready
to be more than just a place to talk needed a bit more work.

Showing and sharing tattoos can be good fun but only if art theft issues can be avoided.
Here on Ovifans there is absolutely nothing we can do about such issues in the game so
if and how tattoos were going to be shared on Ovifan needed to be carefully considered.
We came to the simple conclusion that the easiest way to share tattoos on Ovifans without
"side effects" is if all the tattoos are free to use for everyone and that's
how it is going to be. :)

Given my own complete lack of talent for graphic design, Ovifans will aqcuire free-to-use
pet tattoos by commissioning skilled pet tattoo artists on Ovipets to make them for us.
There will also be tattoo contests in the future of Ovifans and ways for Ovifans members
to submit tattoos they have made to be shared with other members.

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